ZTW Multifunctional LCD Program Card G2 Servo Tester Battery Voltmeter

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We(ZTW) have released multifunctional LCD Program card G2, it is designed for ZTW G2 series ESCs.

Key Features:
1. Working as an individual device to set the parameters for the ESC.
2. Working as a Lipo battery voltmeter to measure the voltage of the whole battery pack and each cell.
3. For the ZTW ESC with data returning feature, it can display real-time data including: voltage, current, input throttle, output throttle, RPM, battery power, MOS temperature and motor temperature.
4. For the ZTW ESC with data logging feature, it can read the data including: maximum RPM, minimum voltage, maximum current, external temperature, and maximum temperature.
5. PWM throttle signal detection: Identify and display the input throttle pulse width and frequency.
6. ESC/Servo Tester: It works like remote control to adjust the speed for ESC/servo by pressing the program box’s button.
7. The LCD program card G2 can be upgraded by the mobile App via the ZTW bluetooth module.
Suitable for the follwing ESC:
1. Beatles G2
2. Mantis G2
3. Mantis Slim G2
4. Skyhawk
5. Shark G2
6. Seal G2