ZTW Skyhawk 160A ESC HV 6-14S SBEC For RC Helicopter

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We(ZTW) have released a new 32-bit Skyhawk 160A ESC HV 6-14S built-in SBEC 6V/7.4V/8.4V 10A for RC airplane F3A F3C 550-700 helicopter.

Key Features:
1. Adopting high performance 32-bit M4 microprocessor with a running frequency of 170MHz, supported much stronger computing ability and faster running speed.
2. Adopting new generation craft on the MOSFET, low heat generation, large instantly withstand current, and high reliability.
3. Self-check function: after the ESC powered on, it will automatically check if have the power short circuit ,motor lose phase, throttle is not at zero position problem, and voltage range.
4. The special ESC case design and the unique fan guard structure greatly enhance the ESC heat dissipation performance.
5. There are two flight modes: fixed-wing mode and helicopter mode.
6. Equipped with the helicopter speed-control function, the speed sensitivity is adjustable and easy to operate.
7. Equipped with the time selection function for stall landing, it can be manually adjustable within the time set to avoid a crash due to handling errors.
8. The ESC has a separate programming interface to connect with LCD programming card or Bluetooth module for programming.
9. Supporting data returning function: current, voltage, temperature, RPM, throttle and ESC status code.
10. Bluetooth module supported, change the parameter settings, software upgrading, data recording and the operation can be completed via the mobile phone (Apple and Android) APP.
11. Multiple protections: abnormal power-on voltage protection, start up protection, temperature protection,throttle signal loss protection, over load protection,low voltage protection, over current protection.

Model Skyhawk 160A HV 6-14S SBEC
Continuous Current(A) 160 Amps
Burst Current(A) 180 Amps
Voltage 6-14S LiPo
Power Wire 10 Gauge 160mm-Red/160mm-Black
Motor Wire 10 Gauge 160mm-Black
BEC Output 6V/7.4V/8.4V Adjustable 10A
Size(not including wires) 95*50*36mm(L*W*H)
Weight 236g
Firmware Upgrade Supported
Model: 160A ESC 6-14S SBEC
Ships From: China