Postsale Service

Dear Customer,

Thanks for purchasing ZTW products. For your rights and interests, please read this instruction carefully before use.

After-Sale Service Policy

ESCs, Motors and other accessories from ZTW are delivered after strict inspections. Product will experience warranty void on any of the following conditions. Any cost incurred will be on customer’s account.

1. Warranty period expires.

2. Damage to products resulting from wrong operation, improper motor&propeller match or short circuit of wires and phase.

3. Damage to products resulting from user’s improper testing, modifying, disassembly, case-opening and adjustment etc. (Excl. connecting wires shortening)

4. Mechanical wear and tear normally.

5. Damage to products resulting from non-normal use including but not limited to impact, crash, hit and liquid immersion etc.

6. Damage to products resulting from accidents.

7. Damage to products from natural disaster (flood, fire, earthquake, thunder-strike, typhoon etc.) and force majeure.

8. Damage to products resulting from illegal use or using the products out of its capability, or any other inappropriate use.

9. Damage from overload.

10. Malfunction or damage from factors other than product design, technology, manufacturing and quality issues.

Product without visible damage can be replaced on condition that the fault is found to be with the quality upon inspection by the technicians within 7 days after purchase.

Warranty Period:

With valid purchase vouchers warranty period is 365 days starting from date of purchase on the vouchers (including date of purchase).

Without purchase vouchers, warranty period is 90 days starting from date of production.


1. ZTW will offer after-sale service for ESCs, motors and other accessories from our company only. ZTW shall claim no responsibility for any damage or crash from wrong operation, improper assembly or failure of other component unless the fault is found with our products.

2. ZTW shall claim no responsibility if the products purchased do not meet users’ expectations and the products are without quality issue. In that case, request for products replacement or return shall receive rejection. ZTW shall claim no responsibility for any loss or damage to users or any third parties from inappropriate use and assembly of ZTW products. ZTW on no account shall share joint liability for any direct or indirect injuries or property loss to users.

* If you have any questions, please contact customer service