ZTW Power Capacitor Buffer BEC Backup 25F 6V/12V 25A For RC Helicopter

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We(ZTW) have released Power Capacitor Buffer BEC Backup 25F 6V/12V 25A For RC Helicopter.

Key Features:
1. The capacitor will automatically supply power to the receiver when the receiver was cut off power for some reasons, so that you still can control the servo and let the aircraft land safely.
2. Two ways to control, one ways is by switch, the other way is by throttle signal. The 3 PIN orange signal wire is equal to the switch function, with the throttle frequency is in the range of 50hz~600hz, the backup capacitor is ON when the backup capacitor channel’s throttle value is over 1500, and the backup capacitor is OFF when the throttle value is less than 1500.

1. If use the throttle signal to control the capacitor on/off mode, the throttle signal value need to be more than 1500 when the ESC powered on, and you can set throttle value less than 1500 after the ESC is powered off.
2. There is no responds when pressing the switch during the charging, the backup capacitor only can be switched off when the capacitor is not in charging status.

 Model Backup Capacitor (25F 3V)
Size 66x33x19mm
Weight 38g
Input Voltage 6V~12V (Max 13V)
Output Current 25A