ZTW Seal G2 70A ESC 3-6S For RC Boat

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We(ZTW) have released a new 32-bit version of the Seal 70A with new compact design, shorter, and narrower than its predecessor.

The SEAL G2 Series is designed specifically for RC Boat applications, featuring a waterproof design. The 90A ESC comes with built-in BEC, so you don't need an additional battery pack to operate the servo. In order to protect the boat, the ESC offers a power reduction when too hot and an optional Low Voltage Cutoff.

Key Features:
1. Adopting new generation craft on the MOSFET, low heat generation, withstand large current instantly, and high reliability.
2. Adopting high performance 32 bit microprocessor, the operation frenquency is up to 170MHz which makes the ESC stronger computing ability and faster running speed.
3. The waterproof design (rates as IP 67) allows this ESC to work in wet conditions, and it is equipped with metal water cooling to ensure efficient heat dissipation.
4. Super smooth start-up and accurate throttle linearity make the ESC suitable for various of applications such as, all kinds of RC boat models, electric surfboard and other underwater applications.
5. The SC has two running modes for different applications:“Forward Only” and “Forward and Backward”.
6. The ESC has freewheeling which makes the ESC with higher driving efficiency and more energy-saving.
7. Multiple protections: start-up, over-heat, low-voltage cutoff, signal loss, phase loss, over-current, abnormal power-on voltage, over-load protection.
8. Support high RPM motors, and compatible with most motors in the market.
9. Support programming via Phone App or LCD program card, easier and more convenient operation(Extra ZTW App adapter or LCD program box G2 needed.)
10. The ESC has data returning feature, it can send data in real-time: current, voltage, temperature, RPM, throttle and ESC status. And you can check the data via ZTW App or LCD program Box G2 in real-time.

Model Seal G2 70A 3-6S
Continuous Current(A) 70 Amps
Burst Current(A) 420 Amps
Voltage 3-6S Lipo
Power Wire 14 Gauge 52mm-Red/52mm-Black
Motor Wire 14 Gauge 55mm-Black
BEC Output 6V,7.4V, 8.4V Adjustable 8A
Size(not including wires) 64mm*38mm*26mm(L*W*H)
Weight 107g
Model: 70A ESC 3-6S
Ships From: China