ZTW Seal 200A ESC 3-8S For RC Boat

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The Seal Series is high-end and high quality and good performance ESC, is designed specifically for RC Boat applications, we all know that that boaters crave for more power than cars and airplanes and we have come up with a whole new way to put the power to the water-cooling brushless speed controls for marine applications. This series of ESC also feature with good water cooling system, using state-of-art MOSFET, exposed finned sink.

Key Features:
1. Aluminum case and Water cooling, Double heat sinking.
2. Tailor made cables , specially for the high current and high voltage.
3. High current , High voltage, Continuous working, controller of the FAST & FURIOUS.
4. Accurate air duct designing, Optional cooling fan , It’s easy to be realized the high efficiency .
5. Full waterproof structure,cool shape , high safe experience , what you see is definitely what it is.
6. Programmable two way mode.
7. over-heat protection, low-voltage protection and lost-signal protection.
8. Super smooth and accurate throttle linearity.
9. Support and match with most of the motors, including high RPM motors.
10. Utilizes new smaller MOSFET technology to minimize weight.

Model Seal 200A 3-8S
Continuous Current(A) 200 Amps
Burst Current(A) 1200 Amps
Voltage 3-8S Lipo (8-24 NiMH)
Power Wire 10 Gauge160mm-Red/160mm-Black
Motor Wire 10 Gauge 160mm-Black
BEC Output None, requires RX pack or BEC Eliminator Circuit
Size(not including wires) 91*55*41mm(L*W*H)
Weight 350g
Programming LCD Program Card
Model: 200A ESC 3-8S
Ships From: China